Nose Picker- Thumb Pick and Roll

This guy mindlessly picks his nose, with his thumb, for a minute thirty seconds…

until he realizes he’s being recorded, and then he pretends like he is rubbing his face and not picking his nose.

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No this isn’t a looping video clip. It is a mindless (disgusting) habitual routine being played out before your eyes.

Is This Chris Rock Picking His Nose and Eating It?

Well it sure looks like Chris Rock picking his nose. The person who shot this video says it was taken at Cannes. It looks believable.

Total Moron Picks His Nose and Eats It

What a total moron! He picks his nose with his THUMB, looks at it, then EATS IT!!! Hey girls, do you know this guy? Would you ever think about kissing him? Think again now that you’ve watched this.

Public Nose Picker On a Train

This guy is impossible. He simply can’t help himself. I guess when you have a captive audience, you must take the stage and show everyone what you are best at. Cheers!

Nose Picking Wiper

Watch this guy repeatedly pick his nose and wipe it on a lamp post. He lives in his own little world thinking he’s invisible to the rest of the world. Wake up dude. We are watching you.

Booger Eater- Evolution

So did we evolve from apes after all? Watch this and then watch the rest of the videos on this site. Do you see any similarities?

Ridiculous Booger Eating

This guy really has a problem… He is really, really hungry. You would think that the flight attendant would notice that he is hungry and offer him some peanuts. Instead he has to pick his nose and eat his boogers. It’s not his fault! Watch the video and see if you agree. He doesn’t have an extremely disgusting habit does he?

Nose Picking: Booger Eating on the Train

Somehow eating boogers on the train must enhance the flavor. We get a lot of video submissions related to this. This one is short, but effective. If you know this girl, you may just have to change your opinion of her now.

Booger Eater- Going for the Gold

Look at this nose picking booger eater. Do you ever wonder how people were raised, or who raised them. Can you see yourself doing business with someone like this who picks his nose in a crowd of people and eats it?

Booger Eating Book

Waldo girl reading a great book on booger eating. Instructional manual?

Has she ever been kissed? What do you think it would taste like?

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